Our doctors have undergone advanced levels of physical therapy training to provide the best manual therapy for her clients. Manual Therapy includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures. The end goal of this treatment is to help manage pain, remove joint inflammation, boost joint mobility, increase joint stability, increase range of motion, minimize soft tissue tension, promote the recruitment of muscle groups, renew normal movement patterns, improve general fitness and help return patients back to work, sports and activities.

Our Physical Therapy Practice Includes

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This treatment focuses on improving mobility through muscle, tendon and fascia as it relates to pain, posture and joint dysfunction. We customize different techniques to meet the patient’s individualized dysfunction. This includes massage, myofascial release and strain-counterstrain treatments.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Dosed exercise progressions are a proven treatment to help restore you to normal function and/or elite athletic performance. Our therapist provides exercise rehabilitation through supervised dosed exercise programs that match your tissue injury and/or movement dysfunction. We help many patients achieve early rehabilitation of the most acute injuries through specialized training and equipment programs.

Joint Articulation

This refers to passive manual therapy procedures. Using his/her hands, a therapist can asses and treat altered mechanics of joint systems leading to dysfunctions

Joint Mobilization

This refers to active manual therapy procedures. The therapist uses wedges and/or bolsters as they guide patients to help improve altered mechanics of joint systems that may lead to dysfunctions.

Patient Education

Throughout your manual therapy sessions, we will help educate and prepare you on the best strategies to manage problems during and after physical therapy. These strategies include self-care techniques, home exercises and work ergonomics. When necessary, we offer advisory sessions for your and your trainer to help prepare the best plans to reach your fitness goals.

Your Treatment

Treatment at Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness focuses on manual therapy, supervised exercise and education. All of our treatments are offered by a licensed physical therapist with the goal to help you return to normal activities whether that be work, sports, recreational activities & more! Your treatment will be customized to meet your needs and may include different types of massage, soft tissue work, joint articulation/mobilization, exercise, education, and home exercises to help you attain treatment goals.

We begin our rehabilitation approach with a focus on decreasing your pain, edema and muscle guarding to improve joint motion. As our treatments progress and your begin to show positive improvements, the exercise program becomes more customized to fit your needs for coordination, retraining motor patterns, balance, endurance, speed and strength training. As you reach your end goal, our team will help you transition with exercises for rehabilitation to exercise for health maintenance, weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, return to work and a higher level of athletic performance.